Brief Introduction To The War's Hiatus

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Goblins begin a slow expansion, eating into surrounding territories that include Russia and Bariar.

Bariar declares war on the goblins and hostilities begin to escalate as goblin forces prove more numerous and organized than expected.

Russia declares war on the goblins, establishing a second front. The Russians call on their allies, the Polish and Austria-Hungary.

Bariar enlists the English and French in the conflict.

Goblin forces split Bariar and push into Syndra Kor, who declares war and enlists their allies in the German Empire.

Montenegro halts the advance of the Ottoman Empire with the help of Serbia and Bulgaria. A peace is reached, freeing Montenego to help with the mounting threat of the Goblin-Human war.

Syndra Kor and Bariar begin to fall apart as the goblins, who operate both as conventional armies and guerrilla fighters shatter the safety and morale of the peoples of those nations.

Varisia is drawn into the war by the constant goblin raids which spill over from Syndra Kor and Bariar. They declare war drawing their ally Romania into the conflict.

Russia continues to lose territory while Bariar and Syndra Kor finally disintegrate.

Varisia is the last of the Easter European countries to collapse. Refugees our out of the lost nations and cities, straining roads and hindering military force movements. Many nits are forced to pull back to protect the lives of fleeing refuges, giving up valuable territory in the process.

Goblin forces, expanding West, destabilize Poland, and then a large goblin force uses the Black Sea to attack Romania. Chaos ensues as goblin forces begin raids from Romania into Bulgaria, Serbia, and Austria-Hungary. Citizens flee, military forces are re-deployed to slow the raids, which leave gaps the goblin forces exploit. Civilization falls back as Romania vanishes into mist. The area of interface between Europe and the goblins known as The Edge of the World begins to take shape.

Years of fighting have devastated morale and troops begin to desert in record numbers, often forming city-states in abandoned territory.

The goblins begin to fall back to a hardened defensive line, something unexpected which stalls military plans for counter-attack.

Russia as a nation is a shadow of its former self, with many of its population crammed into ‘states’ divided by goblin-held land.

Transylvania, the territory that encompasses all of Romania as well as some of Austria-Hungary, is quiet, a mist-shrouded enigma.

All is not silent though. Governments move, plot, rebuild. The goblins hold their line, and some say that they grow stronger each day. Worry fills many hearts, worry there will be another goblin push, one that will not stop on its own.

Main Page

Brief Introduction To The War's Hiatus

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