Toward The Edge Of The World

Spectral Actors Replay the Sacking of Penza

A 'ghost story'

In the town of Penza, a settlement currently well within goblin territory, each night begins with a spectral display in the streets that reveal the last day of human control.

As the last light of the sun fades, spectral citizens appear, going about the business of any typical townsfolk. Shortly, shades in discernible military uniforms cast quickly through the crowd, bringing news of imminent threat. More and more ghostly soldiers move quickly through the streets as a wave of panic grips the long-deceased citizens. Those former folk flee as a revenants of soldiers and goblins clash in the streets. A hero of the people and high priest of Goram is brought into the church, having fallen in battle.

Outside of the church, another figure is set upon by others, black mists pouring from the spectral body. And the dead now rise throughout the town, their bodies replaying the sacking along with the spirits. And then, as midnight is reached, and the disembodied and undead complete their roles in the fall of the city and then fade away.

But this unworldly spectacle is believed to be no more. The curse that motivated the town’s spirits have been lifted, and the few living townsfolk need not fear the twilight streets.



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