Toward The Edge Of The World

Into Penza

"How bad can it be?" -- Mery

Hobart Julius Pettibone chases down Kell at her hostel. Was referred to her by Namfoodingle, and requested her courier assistance. Two intricately-etched brass plates.

Jared Varkovian arrives to our departure point… in a med-wagon and in manacacles. A detail I’m sure was inadvertently omitted by Milo, Mery, and Tomas. Surely an oversight. Surely.

Tomas reports briefly on his research. Found something about Eternal Siege — an Atlantean artifact used against the Giants. The same Giants allegedly later enslaved by the Atlanteans.

Travel past of the Edge of the World is largely uneventful.

On our 2nd day in, we attempt to work our way around a large group of orcs, split into just enough groups that we can’t avoid taking out one of their patrols. Jared is an experienced warrior, and we escape any serious injury.

Our arrival in Expeditious Retreat attracts the usual attention. Felt like fewer people were around, as some of the shops were closed up. Makes sense considering the upcoming Winter season.

Kell wanders off to see Namfoodle and make her delivery. Milo runs off to the Gem to see Liam (and the girls). We re-supply on turnovers, and then head on out the following day.

Second day out, more goblin/orc encampment avoidance maneuvers are required. Garrick pulls his usual elf-magic to get us through without problems and not losing too much time. We have a few brutal small-scale engagements with some unlucky orcs and goblins. We worked hard to eliminate any trace of their existence. Most of the camp and marching routes headed off to the front.

A couple of weeks out from Expeditious Retreat, we cross some border from “behind the military front” to “settled lands,” though they still looked a bit like military camps. A few days after that, we skirt around what we’d think of as a quiet town in the country… populated by goblins. Roads, even. Not well traveled though. Hmm. Garrick’s navigation sense and map crosscheck suggest we’re at the Northwestern limit of the pre-war goblin lands, about three days from Penza. This doesn’t quite match what we’ve been told about the area. We give the town a pretty wide berth after watching it for a while.

The next couple of days take us through the ruins of Bariar. Still lots of signs of the utterly brutal and unforgiving fighting that happened during the early phases of the war. Another day or so along our route, we start having to dodge more patrols (this time from the inside of their area).

Penza was a Goram city (within Bariar), centered on the Cathedral of Goram. We learned quickly that the city still had some people living there. Garrick makes a new human friend that warns us to get off the streets, fast. We found a decent spot to hole up for the night.

As we watched, after sunset, we watched a bunch of “lights” become people, who wander around, interact, and otherwise look perfectly normal ghosts. Other than not being solid, and moving waaaaay too fast. A rider appears, talks to a boss from the Cathedral, a military response start to form, and then a flood of the goblin army to crush the city. Right before midnight, two people carry a third, some dark figure, out of the Cathedral. Funny stuff happens (Milo suggests magic). Dead start rising and fighting goblins. Takes us a bit to realize the dead are actually rising, both human and goblin. When the ghostly moon rises, the ghostly dead fall back into their corpses. After the real midnight, our moon rises (and the dead are gone).

Mery recruits a local that has been in the city for a couple of years. Tells her that goblins avoid the City, and that otherwise the City is fairly safe. The Cathedral is somewhat untouched, compared to the rest of the City — similar to the site in Anapold.

Inside the Cathedral, the necklace-amulet-thing is nowhere to be found. After some searching around, Milo gets convinced we’ll find it in the catacombs. We split up a bit to try and find the entrance. Garrick and Mery end up at the altar and managed to trigger something to open, only to have some skeleton whack Mery upside the head with a large mace while standing in a pool of silver coinage. We converge and after a bunch of bashing, Milo lands the final blow of holy goodness. The skeleton essentially disintegrates, leaving behind a helmet, mace, and some armor (looks like chainmail, more like ceremonial chain armor).

Kell pokes around in the silver and triggers a set of spring doors exposing stairs down. When the doors open, the coins go flying. When the doors close, the coins disappear, only to reappear in the “pool”, above the doors.

[Mace, magical]
[Helmet, magical]



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