Toward The Edge Of The World

Ending of an Era

...and framing the next...

Just before dawn, the Maelstrom eye undergoes a fairly dramatic change. According to relayed reports, the eye’s malaise passed in a burst of colors, those representing the Czar-candidates. Interestingly, most of the city takes on a festive air. The formal announcement of the Czar’s passing comes late in the morning.

Sarina finds Milo and makes arrangements for his visit to check out the now-passed Czar’s son (Leonid). Leonid’s room has a wide variety of books organized in neat collections. Milo runs through a long battery of diagnostics. He is struck by many similarities in Leonid’s responses to a category of people that Travis (Champion of Sarinrae) ran across, and begins to suspect that Leonid is an emerging Druid. Leonid’s “condition” gets worse whenever he leaves Russian, and improves when he is home. One of his past major episodes corresponded exactly to a major battle where Russian troops were massacred.

Milo shares all of this with us and starts looking for a Druid. Kell offers to find one, and disappears on her errand. Only a few hours later, Kell returns with a shabby-looking guy in tow. After a short discussion, Milo gets the new guy into Leonid’s presence. Not much conversation, but the guy gives Leonid his necklance and promptly leaves (by splitting into a bunch of birds). Asked whether he can do the same thing, Leonid tries, is successful, and promptly gets sick over the balcony.

The Montenegran Ambassador to Russia visits our temporary house. He is concerned that our continued presence will cause problems, and encourages to leave promptly, preferably before dawn. I ask Gregor to help us out, to which he agrees.

Garrick also visits Leonid, and leaves him with a keepsake ring.

Gregor transfers us back to Montenegro. Not having to immediately go save the world or kill an evil cultist, we scatter individually to our various endeavors. Mine involves avoiding lace and writing many letters (dictating actually).

By January 31st, we hear news about the new Czar, one Adorov Alexei. Two of the candidates apparently perished (Mikail and Neovar), another grievously injured (Esmir, lost an eye). Cazamar survived, but did not become Czar.

In February, we visit Switzerland for the big Swiss demo. One of the things they demonstrate shows off the crystal pyramids we ran across some time ago. They apparently power a rapid transportation “train” that floats above and runs from pyramid to pyramid. Another “lightning line” invention allows them to send messages over long distances using a pulsing audible code. The Gnomes want to connect the European Capitals with their Lightning Rail, and are amenable to routing that includes other big cities.

The Russians push to retake lost territory. Over time, they manage to reintegrate most of it, and cede some to the goblins that remain peaceful.

I manage the gain the support of enough Poles to become King, for a standard six year term.

Endless Retreat manages to float along the Vistula, staying out of any country influence, even becoming a modest trade hub.

Spain remains quiet, not engaged, for a number of years. Then we hear of a civil war, which for elves means they are disagreeing. A few years later (about five years from the borders being closed), bloodshed breaks out. The Spanish Queen asks for assistance from their allies, including Montenegro (who pulled in Poland and Romania). In the aftermath, the allies learn of a secret court, the Winter Court, which are discovered to be the puppets of the Undying Court (undead elves). This holy war continues for another five years before the remaining Undying disappear, using magic, to unknown destinations.

Prussia and the Germanies become a unified empire. They did not participate in the Spanish situation. Prussia continues to refine the warjacks. When France is the first other nation to independently create some as well, tension rise briefly until most nations are able to produce them to some degree.

The Guild of Nations finally becomes a reality as the Spanish civil war starts winding down. Near the last minute, Spain joined, which brought in a few last stragglers.

Lanterns re-enter the public awareness, mostly through good acts. With some work, the Lanterns become an arm of the Guild, which serves to unite the Lantern factions back to a common goal.

Mery and Sebastian’s (re-)wedding is an immense event drawing the illuminati of the continent. Thousands of guests, so many that two weeks of pre-events are needed to host them and keep them entertained.

Montenegro extends citizenship to the warforged, “the 100”. Most join the military, pretty much forever. A few leave for other journeys. Elvis has become a noted bard, journeying the continent. The priestly eventually finds his deity. The two mage apprentices do eventually graduate and become warmages.

Expeditious Retreat ends up as a hub for the Guild, after serving as the site of Cate’s and my royal wedding, performed by Milo. We almost had to chop off a few heads to get our respective courts to agree to a location.

The New World is found to be infested with Lycanthropes. The European churches send a variety of expeditions to clear them out. Eventually enough people end up in the New World for them to unify as a new country, distinct from Europe.

A sub-breed of lycanthropes, the Shifters, end up triggering a civil war in the New World over their status in civilization. After that war, the Shifters are assured of inherent rights. Eventually, the new country applies for and joins the Guild of Nations.

The Dwarves set up a colony in the Blasted Waste to mine synergy. That area becomes was is pretty much a free and autonomous zone. Outsiders can visit, just not really stay for long, and the ghouls and live there and not leave. A Magika revolution kicks off once the supply of synergy is well established. All sorts of new magical apparatus start appearing across the continents.



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