Toward The Edge Of The World

An Urgent Letter to the Queen

And the reason for Russia's trading for gold and copper becomes clear

Your Most Royal Highness:

We have discovered that Russia has developed a weapon usable by any person that fires a ray capable of injuring or killing an unarmored person at range, and possibly hurting an armored one. The weapon, which looks like a staff with copper and gold disks, can be easily aimed and can be fired several times before it must be taken to an artificer or wizard for recharging. It appears that a relatively small amount of gold and copper is needed to make this fairly sophisticated device. It is possible that the Russians have made or are making the devices in significant numbers, as it seems to be easily manufactured by artificers with a fair amount of capability and resources. One such device has made its way to Expeditious Retreat, where the gnome usually in residence has had some success in copying it.



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