Queen Cate I of Montenegro

Reluctant Queen, Cate intends to make the world better.


Cate is the cousin of (Cassie’s Character). Cate had heard many tales of the Lanterns when she was younger, and she has latched onto this idea. The world needs people who can act for the betterment of the people of Europe. People that are not slaves to political drives and interested only in their own family status.

Cate had intended to take up the task of heading the Lanterns herself, but then the four people who were in line for the throne before her managed to die in a major battle of the war she was thrust into the role as the crown head of Montenegro. As a last hope she has begun to try to assemble a new group of Lanterns in the hopes of ending the war and seeing her dream of a peaceful Europe.

Queen Cate I of Montenegro

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