Toward The Edge Of The World

ScarEye, NoEye

We changed up the plan. Content Not Found: null wrote a note that I took over to pirate camp. The camp wasn’t hostile, just not overly friendly. No problem leaving the note. They sent a courier reply a few hours later, inviting Tomas to afternoon tea at a site by the bridge.

“Professor Bors” (Tomas) attended the tea with his attendants. The camp sent a team to prepare the place with tea, complete with table, chairs, and a tablecloth. They even cleaned up! A human underboss(?) arrived first to play host and probably suss us out. Underboss decently armed, knows his craft, not for show. Milo, Tomas, and the underboss chat socially while I played the bored bodyguard.

Scareyee arrived. Damn big orc, and yup, one eye. Pair scimitars, floating stone around his head. Calls the underboss “Halloran.” (Milo relayed later that Halloran had a holy symbol of Gorum, and Mery noticed signs of sorcery or magic).

Tomas spun a story about having a map that was protected by magic, and we needed something like the floating stone to make the map work. Scareye sent Halloran and his aids away, then pulled out something like a pocket watch and watched it for a bit. Turned out he was waiting for them to get out of earshot. Showed us his missing eye under the patch was some kind of stone, and then attacked Tomas and Milo. Rumble!

After a fast set of exchanges, we killed him. Somewhere in all that, Kell managed to snatch the floatie stone away and stab Scareeye in his last eye. Right before he expired, he gasped to Tomas “I scar-eyed this.”

Loot: agate sphere “eye” from platinum (eye)socket, dark blue rhombinoid (floatie stone), magical scimitars (x2), magical scale armor.

I sent the group to prepare our flight while I headed to the camp to let Halloran know his boss wasn’t coming back. He wasn’t surprised, and warned me to beware.



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