Toward The Edge Of The World

Mansion Curses (2014-11-12)


Finally found the Manse. Mostly intact. Recent tracks, probably armed professionals like us.

To keep Mery out of Garrick’s way, I took her on a short scouting excursion near the grounds. Garrick and Milo go farther for the real scouting. We find the end of the fence line, where apparently folks liked to burn wagons.

Spotted a pair of armed lads leaving on horse to the North. Didn’t recognize what heraldric symbols we could see, and Milo was pretty sure they weren’t from a noble house.

Front door jammed in warped flooring, otherwise not in terrible shape. Back door locked — Mery noticed that it seemed to be nicely maintained and regularly used. Garrick crawled in through a window to learn the door did not have an interior unlocker, so Kell used a spare key she happened to have.

Explored upstairs. Found the mirror as guided under the floorboards. Milo did some mumbo jumo to tell us the mirror was magic. Mery points out magic writing on the wall: a curse on the local family and any trespassers. Milo did not seem overly upset abouts t a curse! Those things are dangerous!

Pretty much had to carry the mirror out by myself for all the help I got.

Garrick found “leave” in a gazillion languages in a room on the first floor. Felt less than welcome.

Garrick’s instincts tell him we should leave, and I’ve learned to trust those.

Ambushed by a bunch of hobgoblin arrow snipers from the barn. They immediately started regretting that act. Tomas did some rather nice mounted moves!



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