Toward The Edge Of The World

Tracking the Entrails (2014-11-19)
...and turnovers!

Started back to Expeditious Retreat. At camp, Mery notices a message from Her Majesty Cate to find some seer near the town. Apparently for excitement, Mery spent a lot of time fiddling with the mirror.

On the second night of Mery’s fiddling, we saw stuff in the mirror. Some Polish soldier (in one of those non-cavalry non-infantry irregular units) that died.

Third day we saw a Brit cavalry patrol. No problems. Mery fiddles again, and sleep-pantomimes hanging herself. She seemed a tad upset about that, but I couldn’t dissuade her from trying her again.

Fourth day get back to town and head straight to Fisk. Easy transaction, Wayfinder obtained!

On to the Bottletop to visit Tessa. She points us over to the Gem or the Rangers. I end up trailing after Kell and Mery going to investigate

Namfoozle’s explosion — turned out to be some new perfume. Not sure that is going to be a viable product.

Milo found out from Liam (the Gem) about the seer. She is in the forest South along the river. Likes good food. Also learned that the mansion we visited was the Salvo mansion. The family story matched what we saw in the mirror. Liam claimed the curse was on the family, but couldn’t provide any details. How can you not ask questions about the specific of the curse!??!? This stuff is important!

We visited Bill Battleby’s food place. Good stuff! Order turnovers for the seer. Mery asks for Namlingle’s favorite dish to also be prepared.

For evening entertainment, we hung out at the Gem. Milo wanders off with the touring ship captain, a Lynn, who runs the Warsaw / Expeditious Retreat route.

Next morning we picked up the food and headed off to the seer. After a while, Garrick picked up something, and concludes the seer might be a troll?! Yup. A troll.

Found her house, had a friendly chat. With troll. Sabrina, a troll that appreciates good food. Kinda nice actually. Apparently she was raised by Halflings. We stayed for a reading done with entrails. Her. Own. Entrails.

From the reading: we need to find the one known as Scar Eye, who has the thing we need to forge the Destiny Compass. Apparently near a river.

Back to town for the afternoon. Milo consults Lynn about Scar Eye, may have a partial lead on a “scare eye” goblin.

Another Letter from Tomas
On the employment of cavalry...

Sir. __________:

Please accept my greetings and well-wishes.

As someone who has read your Treatise on the Continued Value of Heavy Cavalry in Massed Combat, I wanted to extend my respect for your work and relate from personal experience that your key conclusions hold true in at least small unit actions.
Even a single mounted man holding only a shield can effectively fix the attention of a small number of lightly armed enemies.

I can certainly see the effectiveness of heavy cavalry acting in a forward defensive role or as a screen for attacking units. Calvary certainly has the ability to fix the attention of an opposing general. I would be wondering, though, what your thoughts are regarding the ability of cavalry to fill those roles in the face of a well-prepared enemy. If the opponent has sufficient heavy cavalry of his own, or massed spears, how would you suggest that heavy cavalry be effectively employed. I eagerly await your thoughts, at such point that it is convenient for you to express them – if you wish to do so.

Your most humble servant,
Sir Tomas Kosic

Mansion Curses (2014-11-12)

Finally found the Manse. Mostly intact. Recent tracks, probably armed professionals like us.

To keep Mery out of Garrick’s way, I took her on a short scouting excursion near the grounds. Garrick and Milo go farther for the real scouting. We find the end of the fence line, where apparently folks liked to burn wagons.

Spotted a pair of armed lads leaving on horse to the North. Didn’t recognize what heraldric symbols we could see, and Milo was pretty sure they weren’t from a noble house.

Front door jammed in warped flooring, otherwise not in terrible shape. Back door locked — Mery noticed that it seemed to be nicely maintained and regularly used. Garrick crawled in through a window to learn the door did not have an interior unlocker, so Kell used a spare key she happened to have.

Explored upstairs. Found the mirror as guided under the floorboards. Milo did some mumbo jumo to tell us the mirror was magic. Mery points out magic writing on the wall: a curse on the local family and any trespassers. Milo did not seem overly upset abouts t a curse! Those things are dangerous!

Pretty much had to carry the mirror out by myself for all the help I got.

Garrick found “leave” in a gazillion languages in a room on the first floor. Felt less than welcome.

Garrick’s instincts tell him we should leave, and I’ve learned to trust those.

Ambushed by a bunch of hobgoblin arrow snipers from the barn. They immediately started regretting that act. Tomas did some rather nice mounted moves!

A Letter from Tomas

My Esteemed M. ______:

It is my sincere wish that this missive finds you and your family in good health and pleasant mien. Please send news of your family. How are affairs at the University? Has Dr. _____ made any interesting progress regarding those chemical reactions that so intrigued him?

I fear that I have no exciting news for you. I find myself again in Expeditious Retreat. However, I do not believe my business here will generate such stories of adventure and daring as the last.

I remain, as always, your humble servant, and hope to hear from you soon.

Arrival: Expeditious Retreat
Mery does not get her knife fight

Arrived Expeditious Retreat in time for lunch.

Kell assaulted by someone she knows: Tessa, runs the Bottletop. Someone tried to kill the Tinker, whoever that is. Not clear why we care. Lots of spies in residence. Some “miners” headed North. Liam runs “The Gem”, the local brothel. Bill Battleby sells food.

Kell needed menacement support, Garrick and I enlisted. The rest went on to the Gem. We met Fisk calls Kell “Switch”. Fisk has a Wayfinder, claims to have a French offer for it. Asked us to recover a mirror in exchange for… getting the wayfinder at the “low” price of 8k (down from 12k + 2% of treasure). Caught up with the rest of the gang at the Gem. Milo had tended to the girls. Saw the Tinker. Gnome.

Milo told us about a Russian on a white horse escaping from something, tried to kill the Tinker. Mery mentioned his name, namdingle or something. I’m sure I lost something in the translation.

Tomorrow, we head out to fetch the mirror.

Lanterns Assemble

Summoned for an audience with the Queen. Gulp. Others summoned with me. Wants us to be her Lanterns.

Met Lamont Porter. Seems useful. Queen wants us to find a Wayfinder. Bring back receipts, don’t buy a ship. Content Not Found: null seems to know where to start. An antiquities merchant: Felix.

Wayfinders seem rare. Felix claims only three in Europe. Works as a compass, shed light, has a slot for i-eewn stones. Apparently those stones normally fly, except in this slot. One might be for sale at Expeditious Retreat, probably. Based on an ale-fueled rumor. Joy.

Last one sold for 7.5kgp in Leon, years ago.

Lamont provides provisioning draft, and got us gems and coins (~17k value) for us to hock if needed.

Mery has not traveled extensively in the wilderness. Fortunately she accepted our help graciously. Garrik found her a decent horse.

Austrian border quiet.

Content Not Found: null helps us develop a cover story: we’re seeking the lost city of Macho Granski.

Pass a small Polish patrol. Probably returning.

Cart with a family (wounded father, mother, feisty son). Claim to have been attacked and robbed by soldiers, probably the Polish patrol. Milovan heals the father. We provision them, and camp with them overnight before moving on.


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