Sir Tomas Kosic

Natural philosopher, scientist, diplomat, bon vivant.


Str 14 (2)
Dex 16 (
Con 12 (1)
Int 14 (
Wis 14 (2)
Cha 14 (

Initiative +3

AC mods: 3 (dex) + 1 (dodge)
Armor: +9 with breastplate; +1 with cape; +4 with large shield

BAB: 7 (2 if taking a second attack)
CMB: +7 + 2 (str)
CMD: +7 + 2 (str) +3 (dex)

HP: 46

Fort save: +4
Reflex save: +8 (save= no, not half, damage)
Will: +6

Levels: Fighter 1, Archaeologist 6


Archaeologist’s Luck (+2 attack, damage, saves, and skills; 6 rnds/day)

Clever Explorer (3 disable device, perception)
Uncanny Dodge (keeps dex bonus unless immobilized)
Dodge (
Evasion: reflex saves takes no damage (light or no armor)
Dueling Cape (entangling/buckler)
Black Marketeer
Cunning Observer (4 perception)
Trap Sense (
2 for AC and reflex saves vs. traps)
Lesser Mark of Passage (1/day dimension hop, expeditious retreat, or mount)
Languages: Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Goblin common, English, Polish, German
(1 Language, +1 Linguistics /2 lvls)

Skills (class+ability+ranks+feat)

Acrobatics: +3+3+1
Bluff: +3+2+4
Climb: +3+2+1
Diplomacy: +3+2+4
Disable device: +0+3+2+3
Disguise: +3+2+2
Escape artist: +3+3+4
Know (dungeoneering): +3+2+1
Know (engineering): +3+2+2
Know (geography): +3+2+1
Know (history): +3+2+4
Know (local): +3+2+1
Know (nature): +3+2+1
Know (nobility): +3+2+5
Know (arcana): +3+2+1
Know (religion): +3+2+1
Linguistics: +3+2+1+3
Perception: +3+2+2+3+4
Profession (soldier): +3+2+2
Ride: +3+3+1
Sense motive: +3+2+4
Sleight of hand: +3+3+1
Stealth: +3+3+4
Survival: +3+2+1+2 (from Mark)
Swim: +3+2+1

Some equipment:
Scimitar +1, halfling bane
Chainmail +3
Lt. Crossbow


Sir Tomas Kosic, the fourth of four sons, and fifth of six children of Lord Baron Paulson Kosic and Lady Baroness Althea Kosic, had always known that he was not likely to be given the responsibility for managing the Barony and associated estates and industries. Thus, he always had the time to indulge in his studies, research, experimentation, and travel.

As a young man, Tomas studied at universities in Montenegro, Paris, and Rome. From Paris, he brought back the engineering details of sewer systems and catacombs. Some surveying and digging made seasonal flooding of the Zeta River less of a worry. From Rome, he brought back a design for a portable pump that, when married to a cart and tank of water, enabled Kosic to establish a fire extinguishing service in his hometown and capital.

The Goblin War flared up when Tomas was 21 years old. While reading about the tactics of war, he accompanied his father and three older brothers to battle. And a particularly brutal battle it was. Tomas’ father and two oldest brothers were lost.

Tomas returned from the front convinced that Montenegro needed allies. He offered his services to the diplomats, and soon was traveling again. For about ten years, he served the ambassadors to a number of European states.

Diplomacy seemed to be the perfect vocation for Tomas. He traveled, visited universities and museums, spoke to other diplomats, visited the most notable salons, and became quite acquainted with some of the most fascinating young ladies of Europe.

He also spoke to many other people from all walks of life. Those conversations yielded a number of different results. The breakup of a counterfeiting ring in one city, the arrest of some smugglers in another. But all in all, Tomas can generally find friends almost anywhere he goes.

Sir Tomas is currently a spry 42, and is in good physical condition. Although thinning in front, his hair is still a dark bronze (with some silver). He wears spectacles for reading, a pastime he very often pursues.

The Barony of Kosic, along the Zeta River in the southern edge of central Montenegro, is known for its rich farmland and respected vineyards. Kosic Manor, due West of the town of the same name that sits on the west bank of the Zeta, is the ancestral home of Tomas’ family.

Sir Tomas Kosic

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