Toward The Edge Of The World

Caught: (in) A Vyse

What is Mery doing?

Using the message tube, Milo ensures that the Queen is aware of our itinerary and schedule. We hear that the Elves have arrived, but not much more than that. Mery and Garrick set off to catch up to us in Casablanca, using a Montenegran corvette the Queen arranged. Miraculously, we all arrive on the same day, the 27th of January. Mery seems unaccountably quiet.

Shahim points us towards the Library of Casablanca, to which I drag the group.
Along the way, Mery and Garrick update us on the Elven arrival. Some kind of armored suits, called Warforged, are the promised Elvish assistance. Apparently the Elvish mages have constructed these as artificial soldiers, and sent us 1,000 of them for use in the war. Not exactly machines, rather they are some kind of living constructs.

The library’s claim to fame is the abundance of collected Elvish lore, and we see a number of elves in the area and in the library. Upon inquiry by Tomas, we learn that Vyse has been working as a translator for the past few weeks, and is expected back later that day. I hover at a cafe while most go off for various excursions and return.

Mid-afernoon, we see Vyse working through the crowd. Garrick notices several other people watching Vyse, and moving to intercept. Vyse notices that group, and us, at the same time, stops, raises out his arms and closes his eyes. Tomas and I rush to intercept Vyse, as the strangers close in to attack. While I hold off the strangers, Tomas rushes Vyse into the libary and ultimately off to Shahim’s boat.

We kill a couple, knock one out, leaving one last hostile. When he realizes that he is alone and outnumbered, he snaps his own neck.

Mery somehow convinces one of the strangers to follow her off to the docks. Garrick follows, trying to understand what was happening. Later, the stranger asks her if she bears the symbol, notices her lantern ring, and then snaps his own neck.

The dead each have a lantern symbol. The “older” one that we have seen in a few places.

The locals tell us that we have to pay to have the bodies removed. Some local requirement. After we pay off the locals for body removal, we manage to re-group at a cafe near the airship docking spire. Tomas has managed to engage Vyse in casual conversation for a while.



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